UPDATED: 07/10/04
The performance schedule will be featured here as we get closer to IMC05 and performers begin to get selected. To apply to perfrom you MUST actually attend the IMC workshops. We do not want performers coming to Philly just for a 20 minute set in a bar. Please do not attend the IMC if all you are interested in is the performance opportunity.


Our many Panelists, Mentors and Workshop presenters will be making the IMC a highly effective learning opportunity. The IMC is a five day event that's packed with great workshops, panels, mentor sessions, and networking opportunities. Use the schedule to plan your time at the IMC to make the most of it.




  • Where Are We and Where Are We Going? - The State of the Indie Music Industry (Noel Ramos - Moderator, Docta Shock, Bill Pere, Jason Rubal, Thom McGuire, Jamell Powell) A general overview discussion of the independent music industry. They said it couldn't be done, but here we are, many thousands of indie musicians using the new technologies to advance a career outside of the traditional market. Where are we right now, and where do you see us going?

  • What's My Line? (Noel Ramos - Moderator, Neil Sheehan, Marcy Rauer-Wagman, Greg Seneff, Thom McGuire, Sahpreem King) Producers, managers, booking agents, engineers, and others will describe their jobs and who does what. It can be a bit confusing when you are considering bringing a new team member aboard, especially if it's a manager or a lawyer. It can also be very helpful to know more about what you should and shouldn't expect from an engineer in the studio, booking agent, or publicity person. This workshop will help you determine what to look for in your business relationships.

  • Technology Overview (Jason Rubal - Moderator, Paul Wright, Jeff Cohn, David Cooper, Kyle Ober) Broad-based Q&A re: gear, instruments, recording, replication, performance, computers, web, and other tech topics.

  • Indie Label Deals (Marcy Rauer-Wagman - Moderator, Greg Seneff, Dick Gabriel, Michael Driscoll, Sahpreem King, Thom McGuire, Jamell Powell) Indie reps and other industry members will discuss the wide range of indie labels, and describe the different kinds of deals they get involved with. Is entering into a contract with an indie label the right move for you? Learn more about some of the less traditional companies that are redefining the music industry one small chunk at a time.

  • Studio to the Street (Gregory Seneff - Moderator, Jordan Tishler, Neil Sheehan, Marcy Rauer-Wagman, Sahpreem King) A moderated panel presentation of the steps that typically occur from the time the artist decides to market his/her music through the recording process, to a tour, possible indie label deal, and a discussion of how independent artists can learn and benefit from the "label" model.

  • Win-Win or No Deal! (Greg Seneff - Moderator, Richard Gabriel, Jason Rubal, Vlad Kushnir, Will Davis, George Stein, Noel Ramos) Entertainment attorneys and other industry members will discuss ethics in the new indie market, and the importance of striving for mutually beneficial, synergistic business dealings. Discussion will focus on the sometimes difficult task of saying, "Thanks, but no deal!" even if you'd be the winner in a win/lose situation.

  • Digital Delivery... It's Still Morphing! (Ron Vos - Moderator, Dewitt Lee, Neil Sheehan, David Cooper, Vlad Kushnir, Noel Ramos, Lisa Smith-Putnam) Digital delivery is a reality. Now we are seeing how it is affecting the market. Even in the short time that we have been utilizing this new distribution method, it has already morphed considerably. Podcasting, ring-tones, digi-singles, sound tracks, and other digital marketplaces have already expanded this brand new opportunity. This panel will be a cutting edge discussion of these critical developments. Topics will include protection of intellectual property rights, digital distro deals, and the state of the emerging digital delivery market.

  • Publishing, Fact and Fiction (Jordan Tishler - Moderator, Robert Case, Richard Gabriel, Greg Seneff, George Stein) The complex business of publishing will be discussed including: role of the publisher, benefit of their expertise to the songwriter, writer's share, publisher's share, statutory rates, the functions of the PROs, sync licensing, master use licensing, artist royalties (related but often confused with publishing), as well as which royalties are paid by radio. The myths that you should never assign or "give up" your publishing interests, and that artists should co-publish their songs or "retain 25% for nothing" will also be discussed.

  • Media Challenge (Noel Ramos - Moderator, Neil Sheehan, David Wimble, Dewitt Lee, Lou Pica, Jeff Cohn, Docta Shock, Lisa Smith-Putnam) In the face of corporate consolidation, rapid changes and dizzying technological advances, what's an indie to do? How important is airplay these days, and how do you get some? What are the best ways to get press and media coverage? What are the best ways to promote via the media?

  • Street Teaming and Buzz Building (Toni Koch - Moderator, Dewitt Lee, Neil Sheehan, Jeff Cohn, Ron Vos, Jamell Powell) Members of the promotional side of the market will discuss the importance of incorporating a serious street teaming effort into your overall indie business efforts. Methods for attracting street teamers, rewarding them, managing the program and brainstorming other new promotional ideas will be highlights.

  • Indie Booking and Full Spectrum Touring (Gilli Moon - Moderator, RAVI, Jordan Tishler, Montez Petrose) Many Indies realize the importance of watching their budget and utilizing DIY methodology for their booking and touring efforts. But what's the point of touring? This panel takes it to the next level. Maximize your effectiveness: gig-swapping, interviews, airplay, promotion, retail. Time is precious and touring is a massive undertaking; learn to tie in all the critical elements. These experienced road warriors will help you make the most of your efforts.

  • Women in the Music Business (Theresa Aldao - Moderator, Kay Pere, Gilli Moon, Mary Nichols, Patti Wolf-Schwaiger) Discussing the trials, tribulations, and success stories of women in the music business. Some topics are women as performers, and women in the business behind the scenes. Do women still experience discrimination in this business? How do women handle performances and costumes, stage presence, and song delivery?

  • Imaging, Live Performance Excellence, and Creating a Buzz (John Battaglia-Moderator, Neil Sheehan, Jason Rubal, RAVI, Bill Pere, Gilli Moon, Ducado Vega, Jamell Powell) Artists create a buzz by creating and portraying one consistent direction in their image and live performance. Join us on this panel as we discuss the nuances of creating a signature image and the art of the live performance.

  • Production/Artist Development Roundtable (Jordan Tishler - Moderator, Kyle Ober, Jason Rubal, Jamell Powell) Come meet a bunch of friendly, high-profile producers and finally get your questions answered. What does a producer really do? It's more than just making dope beats or writing string parts. A music producer is like a film director, no blockbuster could ever be made without one. Choosing the right person will take your album far beyond (what you thought possible). We will discuss finding that person, what it is like to work with a producer, what they will expect of you, and what they can do for you. Speaking of going far beyond, some producers specialize in Artist Development. What is that anyway? Getting your career off the ground is difficult no matter what, but with guidance you can get a jump on the competition. This panel will encompass the roles of pure production and Artist Development so you can understand the roles and value of each step in the process.

  • DISCourse (Noel Ramos - Moderator, Neil Sheehan, Bill Pere, Jordan Tishler, Jason Rubal, Kyle Ober, Vlad Kushnir, Thom McGuire, Mary Nichols, David Richards, John Battaglia, Ravi, Gilli Moon, Jamell Powell) A unique listening and discussion group where artists can get real world feedback on their CDs. Panelists will review submissions on Friday in a closed session (panelists only), in order to provide more effective and practical feedback on Saturday during the DISCourse panel presentation.

  • The New Definition of "Radio" (Noel Ramos - Moderator, Lou Pica, Neil Sheehan, Paul Wright, Patti Wolf-Schwaiger, David Wimble, The Mystic, Jamell Powell) The goals formerly obtainable only through radio airplay are now accessible to Indies through a variety of opportunities created by the new technologies. This panel will discuss leveraging the "new radio" for exposure and networking through the media itself.

  • Merch, Expanding Your Revenue Streams (Toni Koch - Moderator, Gilli Moon, RAVI, Bill Pere, Noel Ramos, Ducado Vega) This brainstorming session will include ideas for increasing CD sales, creating alternate revenue streams, and expanding overall sales and income efforts. Diversifying your revenue streams gives you much more security than if all your income is based on only one or two sources. Seek opportunities that can lead to supplemental income and round out an indie career.


  • Breaking Down the Myths about Copyrights (Michael Driscoll) This presentation will focus on the history, provide clear definitions of copyrights, and distinguish between creation of art and registration. The necessity of copyrights and the protection it brings to the artist's art will be discussed. For most artists the most valuable creations are not the CDs or cassettes manufactured, but your original songs and compositions. The following will be discussed: What Is a Copyright? Who Can Claim a Copyright / What Works Are Protected? What Is Not Protected by Copyright? How to Secure Copyright Notice of Copyright / How Long Copyright Protection Endures / International Copyright Protection / Copyright Registration / Registration Procedures / Effective Date of Registration / Who May File an Application Form? Provide sample Application Forms / Discuss Fees / How to Search of Copyright Office Records.

  • The Art of the Deal: Management, Agency, Publishing, Production, and Recording (Gregory Seneff) The only thing worse than no deal is a bad deal. An artist or writer may miss opportunities because they make decisions based on the compliments of "producers," "publishers," "record labels," "managers," "promoters," "A&R Reps," or "agents," and mistakenly assume those individuals will do the "right thing" for the artist. This seminar discusses issues ALL artists and writers should understand.

  • The 8 Keys to Success in the Music Business (Bill Pere) Music is first and foremost a people-driven business. Understanding the 8 factors that determine how people (band-mates, booking agents, DJ's managers, record producers, partners, and fans prefer to give and receive information can give you powerful leverage in navigating the maze of human dynamics. Bill's work and publications in this area, based on the widely used MBTI, have been called "groundbreaking" by Ian Bessler, Editor, Songwriter's Market. The information presented here can change your life. For additional info and pre-registration, visit - http://

  • Putting Your Emotion Into Your Music (Jason Rubal) Why are some songs hits? What sets them apart from your music? Jason is a record producer who also works in artist development and will be covering such topics as backbeat, rhythm structure, emotional line, layering, accents, vocals, breaking bad songwriting habits, and making an awesome demo!

  • High Profile Organizations and Charitable Performances (Lou Pica) Getting involved with high profile organizations and how to use that experience to provide a benevolent service while also promoting. How to appropriately use the word "charity" while gaining more exposure for your music.

  • Maintaining Artistic Integrity While Running Your Career as a Business (RAVI) The "business" suffocates many artists in their pursuit to fulfill artistic dreams. This seminar connects that pursuit with the achievement of goals and the integration of arts into today's business and social environment. I will discuss ten essential principals combining introspective philosophy and practical business methodology. We are an industry of entrepreneurs navigating a corporate nightmare. Together, we will create a better arts industry for everyone!

  • Studio Preparation/Production 101 (Kyle Ober) How to best prepare yourself before entering the studio. Learn why it's important to know the reasons for going into the studio. It's not just, "Well ya know .. we jus' wanna record our songs Dude !!" Learn how to choose the material you wish to record and if it is truly ready to be recorded. Find out if you are ready to work with a producer and learn how to determine if he understands your vision. Find out if you even need a vision to work with a producer or is it about his vision? Discuss time tables.. how long does all this take? What piece of equipment is your best friend before, during, and after your studio experience and probably for the rest of your life as a musician (not a trick question)?

  • How to Leverage Information and Avoid Wasting up to 90% of Your Music Promotion Efforts (Geraldine Calvo) This workshop will focus on leveraging information and information marketing for music promotion. The presentation will integrate substantial new elements based on our formal experience and clients over the past year. The presentation will now cover elements on how to leverage information and information analysis to: Optimize your hit song potential, Optimize your radio promotion, and Optimize music advertising campaigns. Defining your top fans target will also be discussed.

  • Workshop for Neo Soul and Spoken Word Recording Artists (Maurice Henderson) How To Become Rich, Popular or Almost Famous as a Neo Soul and Spoken Word Artist and Recording Artist of Hip Hop, Poetry, Urban Contemporary & Gospel Music. This workshop will present the best kept secrets and tricks of the trade for breaking into the mainstream fields of the Arts, Entertainment, Broadcast Media and the Music Industry, plus the transformation techniques suggested for genre streaming as print media and literature features. Participants will be taught the prosperity of earning income and money making from the artistic licensing, serial options and franchise merchandising of their talents, skills, abilities, ideas, gifts and creativity. This presentation provides a successful planning guide for those interested developing thier craftsmanship for Independent label producing, recording, marketing and distribution. Artists will also learn the easy steps to developing their talents as venture and capital for self employment, entrepreneurship and business ownership.

  • The Rockstar in You: The 7 Keys to Building a Rockstar Image (John Battaglia) Just because you have talent doesn't mean that you'll be a natural in presenting yourself and making money from those talents. Join John Battaglia, author, speaker, and image coach, as he shares the 7 simple steps that every artist must know in order to create a Rockstar image and attract the attention they deserve. This interactive, 2-hour workshop will cover: How to build up your natural star qualities; How to create your own distinct style and look; How to have your live performance leave people touched and moved; How to have your image come from an authentic place.

  • Lose the 'Louie Louie' Elocution: Diction for Singers and Songwriters-Skills for Stage and Studio (Kay Pere) The human voice is the only musical instrument possessing the ability to combine the power of poetry with the language of rhythm and melody. In this workshop we will look at the specific tools and techniques of enunciation used by vocalists and songwriters to maximize the impact of their lyrics in performance. Why write or sing a lyric if it cannot be understood? As time permits, singers may receive performance feedback during the workshop. Those wishing to be considered for feedback should bring 30 copies of the lyric sheet for a song they wish to perform.

  • Tripling Your Audience with Targeted Songwriting (Bill Pere) Are you reaching only 30% of your potential audience? The other untapped 70% is only a few key words away. You do not have to sacrifice artisitic integrity to reach a wider fan base. You just need to know some of the central factors in effective lyrical communication, and then decide how you want to apply them. The difference between songs that are liked and remembered by broad and diverse audiences as opposed to those that have a narrow following lies in a few easily applied techniques and an understanding of how people prefer to give and receive information. This workshop provides practical application of the information presented in "The 8 Keys to Success in the Music Business".

  • Ear Responsibility - What EVERY Musician Needs to Know About Hearing Loss (Elaine Law-Ramos) Hearing loss caused by exposure to music will be described, as well as preventative techniques designed for each band member so as to avoid losing hearing sensitivity during not only performances, but practice sessions as well. Issues such a "tinnitus" (ringing in the ears) will be discussed along with most current research on music-induced hearing loss and treatment.

  • Getting Started in the Music Business from the Ground Up (Docta Shock) You say you've got talent, cool... now what the hell do you do next? Let's talk about all the steps you'll have to take to get your act together, get your business together, and one day maybe if you're lucky, you'll finally get your first rejection letter... whoopie! Everything you'll need to know to get started on the right path to excess!

  • Music Publishing for Songwriters (Robert Case) This workshop will consist of a basic overview of what music publishing is. What do music publishers do? What is Demo production and pitching songs? What performing rights societies do? Why is this information important for songwriters?

  • MPWR Workshop - Artist Empowerment (Gilli Moon) Define success on your own terms... professional artist development, staying motivated, how to develop the right relationships, marketing and promotional tools, and overcoming obstacles. Gilli Moon hosts an MPWR (empower) Workshop to motivate you beyond creativity, into the business world of the Professional Artist. This workshop will help you take the next step with your artistry - guiding, motivating, encouraging and providing tools, tips and solutions to take your artistry into the business world of the entertainment industry. Plus tips on indie promotional and marketing strategies to put philosophy into practice.

  • Songsalive! Songcamp (Gilli Moon) (5-6 hours) Songsalive! conducts an all-day, high powered, focused songwriting camp on Monday where songwriters and composers can gain valuable feedback on their music and collaborate in co-writing with other writers under the guidance of special Songsalive! songwriter mentors. Day starts with a critique session on your songs, followed by and intensive co-writing session where songwriters are split into breakout groups under the guidance of mentors, to co-write and deliver a completed song. This song will then be perform to the full group and music business execs at the end of the session. To participate, sign up in advance for the Songcamp during IMC at the Songsalive! booth. You will need to bring 1 completed song for critique (either play live or on CD), 10 copies of lyric sheets if possible, plus a writing pad and pen. The Songcamp runs approximately 5-6 hours depending on numbers. Don't miss this special day on the last day (Monday) of the conference.

  • Preparing to Fail? Is Your Business Designed for a Future? (Dave Dickson) In today's economy we're all busier; playing harder for what seems to be less appreciation. Every moment is spent building our performance wishlist hoping there is another gig around the corner. But what if there's not? Do you chase the next train, or are you confident that your efforts will pay off. Is this as good as it gets? Learn what it takes to have your efforts be rewarded. Know why you're in this business; why "Business" is not a four letter word and how to get the most out of your efforts. The workshop is geared around Basic Business Management strategies, targeting the basic reasons for making this (anything) a business and showing how you're "Why" is the bases for a business plan. The "why" is the real reason you are in business.The workshop will be targeting the development of a plan of action to move your business forward. It will cover the fundamentals of planning but more than that it will focus on helping the individual recognize the reasons all this is important and how everything you do will affect the ultimate outcome.

  • African Underground: Exploring African and Global Hip-Hop (Ben Herson, Chosan, M.O.A., Lawson) An urban cultural revolution is sweeping through Africa. Over the past 20 years, American hip-hop has made its way into daily African life by way of radio, cassettes, CDs and TV. Influenced by this cultural power, African youth have created their own local hip-hop cultures. In this workshop, Nomadic Wax founder Benny Herson will present his work in Africa through a lecture, slideshow and panel discussion with African MCs: Chosan (Sierra Leone) and The Ambassadoz (Ghana).

  • Financial Planning for Indies (Daryle Seidman) How to increase your cashflow, reduce your taxes, minimize your risk and maxize your savings TODAY! The workshop will cover a number of topics such as: treating your music career as a business, establishing life, health & disability benefits for your band, managing taxes, royalties and advances, and creating a sound financial plan for the future.

  • Connect Globally - Market Locally (Paul Wright) Artists can use the Mediaguide ArtistMonitorTM to know exactly when, where and how often their songs are being played on college, non-commercial or commercial radio. This information becomes even more powerful and useful when combined with the new distribution and promotion technologies that are available to independent musicians.

  • Internet Marketing and Touring in the Future (Jeff Cohn) Covering everything from dealing with the world of Mp3s, to bringing web master's on tour, to getting your band's name out and finding fans, to Ezines and publicity, how to incorporate your bands rise to fame into a world that only knows the internet in the future.

  • Extreme Music Marketing and College Radio (Ducado Vega) We know in any given situation extreme measures yield extreme results. It is no different in the life of musicians. In order to get desired results we as musicians have to at times take it to extremes. Mavericks rule the world. Because the competition is so stiff in the biz, one must be creative, bold, daring and fearless. Your marketing ideas have to be fresh, eyecatching and even sometimes controversial to get the attention you desire. Extreme Music marketing is the key. No gimmicks or trendy behavior, just sheer straight ahead in your face innovation. We will take a look at everything from creating a thriving music scene, to the look, the sound, language, sacrafices etc. One example that has recently worked for our organization is, the name of the new Soultree album is Souled in a Plain Brown Wrapper. The entire albums theme is plain brown packaging. We deliver all promo packages to media in plain brown paper bags. We mail out plain brown boxes and we write on cover sheet Nude pics enclosed. When they open the invitations or press kit we have Guitar Pics enclosed with the word nude on them. Nude Pics! We are currently gearing up to set a musical Guiness World Record and we have media buzzing about the idea. There are plenty more of these types of ideas and we want to share them. Extreme mearsures yield extreme results!

  • Entertainment Psychology (EP) - Jamie Ballard EP considers the relationship of the entertainment industry and the emotional, psychological, social, behavioral, 'self'/spiritual, and physical characteristics of individuals/groups participating within this industry; and consequently serves to prepare student, amateur, and professional entertainers and the professionals working with them (e.g., attorneys, managers, etc.) to live brilliance personally and professionally within the industry.

  • The Prosperous Artist (Wendy Keilin) The surprising truth about what it really takes to make a great living doing what you love, and why so few artists ever do. Are you ready to have what you really, truly want? Are you ready to we well paid - not just "making it" - and be highly successful as you define it? For doing just exactly what you love? This lively, interactive workshop will leave you with a blueprint for creating the life and career of your dreams.

  • Basic Legal Concerns For Indie Musicians (Vlad Kushnir) The workshop will cover the basic legal aspects of the music industry. The topics include: basics of copyright law and copyright protection; trademarks and domain names; right of publicity; royalties computations; group issues; business entities; music publishing and licensing.

  • Beat Maker or Producer (Sahpreem King) Gotta Get Signed presents the Beat Maker or Producer Workshop with Multi- Platinum Record Producer and Book Author Sahpreem King. Join Sahpreem as he breaks down the many differences between the beat maker and the producer. Learn the key differences between the two elements that make up hip-hop production, as well as the importance of building a proper sound arsenal. Sahpreem will demonstrate creating hip-hop tracks on the Akai MPC 1000 and the Akai MPD 16 using Reason 3.0. This workshop is a must for aspiring hip-hop Artist, Producers, Beat Makers, DJ's and Engineers.

  • Vocal and Performance Excellence-The"Memel Method" (Steven Memel) Whether you're a novice singer or a polished professional performer you won't want to miss this exciting workshop. In this intense five-hour interactive session participants will be introduced to the "Memel Method", an integrated system of vocal and performance techniques covering every aspect of the performer's experience. Vocal technique, stagecraft and movement, talking with the audience, rehearsal, mental preparation and much, much more!

  • Production/Artist Development Roundtable (Jordan Tishler-Moderator, Kyle Ober, Jason Rbal) Come meet a bunch of friendly, high-profile producers and finally get your questions answered. What does a producer really do? It's more than just making dope beats or writing string parts. A music producer is like a film director, no blockbuster could ever be made without one. Choosing the right person will take your album far beyond (what you thought possible). We will discuss finding that person, what it is like to work with a producer, what they will expect of you, and what they can do for you. Speaking of going far beyond, some producers specialize in Artist Development. What is that anyway? Getting your career off the ground is difficult no matter what, but with guidance you can get a jump on the competition. This panel will encompass the roles of pure production and Artist Development so you can understand the roles and value of each step in the process.

  • Vocal and Performance Excellence-The"Memel Method" (Steven Memel) Whether you're a novice singer or a polished professional performer you won't want to miss this exciting workshop. In this intense five-hour interactive session participants will be introduced to the "Memel Method", an integrated system of vocal and performance techniques covering every aspect of the performer's experience. Vocal technique, stagecraft and movement, talking with the audience, rehearsal, mental preparation and much, much more!

  • DIRECT to FAN (David Cooper) The shorter the bridge between artists and their fans the better. DIRECTtoFAN is the key to the new Internet music marketplace because it provides the tools to build a direct bridge between artists and their fans. Using the DIRECTtoFAN methodology means the fans are more informed and get all the latest information, products and services at the best price, and it allows the artists to tell their story in their own words and make the most profit by eliminating the middleman. DIRECTtoFAN is a set of tools to help manage the fan relationship via a web-based fan club, including website content, and web commerce.

  • THE SONGSALIVE! ACOUSTIC ROUNDABOUT (Gilli Moon, Toni Koch, Songsalive! team) Songsalive! will run acoustic performances throughout the conference weekend for IMC05 attendees. The Songsalive! Acoustic Roundabouts will be held in the Hamilton Room which has a lovely grand piano and sound system. There will be Songsalive! members in the Hamilton Room at all times. This is THE place to be seen! Get valuable feedback in a supportive and encouraging performance environment.

  • IndieGate Internet Workshop (Noel Ramos) Noel has over 25 years of experience in a variety of arts and music related fields. He is a DJ, Singer, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Publisher, Author, Web Developer, Consultant, Teacher and indie music retailer. An early adopter of all things internet, he's become well-known as an internet guru and regularly presents on the topic. In this Workshop, all manner of internet related questions will be encouraged with a special focus on destroying the imaginary boundaries between "internet marketing" and "real-world marketing." Also included will be Q&A regarding the online independent music store and all the powerful benefits of becoming an IndieGate Merchant Member.

  • Looking for Press in All the Right Places (Noel Ramos) Noel has published a music magazine for 20 years. He'll relate his experiences and results of surveys he's conducted with media peers. What grabs their attention? What convinces them to print one band's story over another? What do booking agents like to see? What else should you keep in mind? Has the advent of EPKs changed things? These answers and more from the perspective of those you want to target. Examples of press kits will be shown, and a free hand-out of Noel's 7 page "Press Kit Primer" will also be available for all workshop attendees.

  • Entering the World of Movies - It's Not Just Your CD (Dick Gabriel) Whether, it's for your song, your CD, or your appearance, there's much more to this genre than exposure. This panel includes a discussion of the various opportunities that exist in the movie world, not only with placement of your CD, but with your song, underscoring, and on camera performance. There are pitfalls to watch out for (one can die from exposure) and there are opportunities that can improve your "deal". Such opportunities also generate compensation and possible residuals. This covers issues ranging from publishing to on-camera performances, either as a featured of non-featured performer.

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